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  • Employment security
  • Job full of variety
  • Personal development
  • Interesting flexible work schedule
  • Telework up to 3 days / week
  • Convenient office locations
  • Fair salary
  • Lots of fringe benefits
  • Possibility for bike leasing

About Cevi Group

Cevi Group has been a leading IT partner of the Flemish public authorities since 1971. Within our customers you will mainly find provinces, cities and municipalities, CPAS, rest homes, police zones, utility companies, etc. but other companies are also possible. We offer them a full pack of solutions within ICT.

With more than 270 professional employees and years of experience in ICT support, we specialize in providing modern and reliable custom software solutions that automate our customers' processes and services. For example, if you need a travel pass, there is a good chance that it will be created with Cevi software. Same for your driver's license. And who supplies the software to register your baby at the registry office: Cevi indeed.

In addition to software, customers can also contact us for the necessary hardware and technical installations, maintenance, training, consultancy, analysis, advice, audit, etc.

Cevi Group consists of 4 companies:

  • Cevi, ICT partner for all kinds of public authorities
  • Logins, ICT partner for social services such as the CPAS and home care
  • Siggis, specialized in the sales, integration, development and support of geographic information systems (GIS)
  • SDP, offers support for Belgian notaries with the software ActaLibra

As we keep growing, we have several open positions!

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Ottergemsesteenweg 459
9000 Gent


Generaal De Wittelaan 17 B32
2800 Mechelen


Pegasuslaan 5
1831 Diegem

SDP ActaLibra

Stationsstraat 159 bus 2
9890 Gavere


Ch. De Marche 586b
5101 Erpent

Cevi (hoofdzetel)

Bisdomplein 3
9000 Gent